Superwholock. Potterhead. Swanqueen makes me cry. I love to use big words. Weird stories appeal to me. Huge fangirl I guess, gets way too obsessed with (awesome) fictional characters. Usually creative but not now so we'll skip this. Update: Creativity found me at 4 in the morning but the text is too long for this. What a shame.

I’m named after a mountain my grandma picked. I don’t like my name, so I don’t say it. I don’t like my voice either. Three teachers told me I should try opera singing because my voice is so great, but I think they just made fun of me. Colourful cakes are great. At some point in my life I want to make green glitter frosting, it’s on my bucket list. Green is my favourite colour. I used to think that my eyes are green because I eat a lot of salad. There are moments in life when I just lie on my bed with my legs in the air and look at my feet. I hate feet. I am nineteen years old. This is the second time in my life I write the word nineteen. Overall, I think the earth is okay, but I hate everyone who destroys it. I don’t like people that much in general. Music is life. If I got a letter one day saying that Music is dead, I would immediately take a knife and cut my throat. I really wish red lipstick would look pretty on me. To be honest, I find the thought of stealing a police officer’s gun from his belt and run away rather tempting. Furthermore, I sometimes feel the need to draw a sun with a black permanent marker on a bald guy’s head and run away. Yeah, run away. Even though athleticism is not really one of my strengths I want to run away a lot. I would like to eat wax crayons and chalk just to see what it feels like. I’m that kind of person who worries about a lot of things. Lack of punctuality is one of those things. While I’m waiting for friends to arrive the weirdest ideas come to my mind and I end up thinking they are chased by a murderer and that’s the reason why they are late. I don’t like it when people are unfriendly or get angry easily or use winking smileys. I really like to watch strangers smile at their phones or be happy about a “bless you” from another stranger. I sometimes cry when I see an old man eating alone in a restaurant or drinking his tea all by himself. I find it infinitely sad when old people are disappointed, they don’t have time for sad things. I live in my memories. I think, people notice that sometimes. Also, I think way too much. About everything. When I see random people on the street I ask myself if they are happy or if they are concerned about something and don’t want to talk about it, if they are weighed down by sorrows they can’t trust anyone with, what their home looks like from the inside and sometimes even if they are always hungry, like me. Every now and then I feel like I’m the happiest person in the world. Lying in the grass on a hot summer night and admiring the stars is enough for me to think that. Or when someone says they thought about me, when I find a four-leaved clover in a field and when the escalator works. Those are little things I appreciate in life. I love to make people laugh, even more than laughing myself. I adore weird people and birth marks. In times when things heat up on the ground, roofs are the best places and founders of my sensiblest thoughts. I hope people don’t think I’m crazy now, although-